Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Since we're starting off a new year, I decided to actually start blogging in my blog. I always seem to have so much to say, new items to post and I always want to spread the word about artists that make me drool. Starting today, I'm hoping to start the year off right and keep to my set goals and plans this year....and this little blog is one of them.

Here's some of my lovely little skulls...

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Another one of my goals is to work on the website. It gets quite a few views on a weekly basis, I really have to get things in order over there. I feel like I've been so overwhelmed the past year and time flew by so quickly. Perhaps this week I will dedicate to updating them interwebs.
If you'd like head on over there, peruse the layout, any fresh ideas or comments would be most appreciated!!

I hope you all had a safe & happy holiday season,

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